Candidate Primary General
Blass, Piotr  (WRI)  /  Harju, Paul Edward
DeSantis, Ron  (REP)  /  Nunez, Jeanette  Won
Foley, Ryan Christopher (NPA)  /  Tutton Jr, John 
Gibson, Kyle “KC” (NPA)  /  Wilds, Ellen 
Gillum, Andrew  (DEM)  /  King, Chris  Won
Johnson, Hal  (WRI)  /  Hayes, Tim 
Richardson, Darcy G. (REF)  /  Argenziano, Nancy  Unopposed
Stanley, Bruce  (NPA)  /  McJury, Ryan Howard


As of 9/17/18

Any candidate who meets the participation criteria will be invited to participate in the debate.

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