Press Releases

Poll Results, Panelists and Moderator Announced for the “Decision 2018: Before You Vote” Statewide-Televised Gubernatorial Debate – October 2, 2018

“Before You Vote” Statewide-Televised Gubernatorial Debate Final Details Announced; Planned U.S. Senate Debate Cancelled as Candidates Fail to Commit to Participate – September 26, 2018

Statewide Televised Debates in Florida U.S. Senate & Governor Races Announced by Leadership Florida, Florida Press Association – April 3, 2018


Apply for Media Credentials

Please note: Media who will be covering the debate will watch the debate in real time in an adjacent space that will have a live feed displayed on monitors. Media does not have access to the actual debate hall.

Media Credentialing Requirements and Application




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